Who is The Picture Man?

The Picture Man is really Bill Gommel. As The Picture Man, I have been involved in the recording of memories on film since June of 1974. Prior to then, I took pictures of family, friends and for personal enjoyment. A friend, who had a part-time wedding photography business, had booked two weddings for the same day. As a favor to him, I photographed my first wedding. From this first wedding, two other couples asked me to be the photographer at their wedding. Thus, Bill Gommel became a wedding photographer.

An image from the first wedding.
An image from the first wedding.

As I would walk up to the front door of the bride's home, the person greeting me often would call out "The picture man is here." After hearing this a few times, and needing a name for my new business, I decided to be known as The Picture Man. On August 19, 1982, the business was incorporated in the state of Illinois.

In 1986, I was named a Certified Professional Photographer by the Professional Photographers of America. As a CPP I joined the ranks of a select number of photgraphers in the nation having earned this designation.

The Picture Man, Inc.
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